Stakeholder Forum June 2009

Stakeholder Forum June 2009

The latest CCG Stakeholder Forum was held at Cregagh Community Centre on Friday 5th June with approximately 50 people in attendance. 

An update on the project was given by Wendy Langham, Programme Manager in which issues such as land assembly, invasive species and water quality were discussed.  

Sean Brannigan, Community Engagement Officer informed the attendees of the upcoming Volunteering Programme which will include establishing a team of volunteers to participate in the CCG. He also provided an update on the upcoming community activities being funded through the CCG Community Activity Grants Programme. 

Dr Paul Lynas, the Ecologist from Scott Wilson Ltd provided an update on the findings from numerous ecological surveys along the greenway route. They have found 77 species of birds, 4 species of bats, badgers and hedgehogs to date. A full baseline survey will be completed by Scott Wilson Ltd at the end of June 2009.  

Chris Long, the Archaeologist from Gahan & Long carried out site and desk surveys which revealed nothing of archaeological significance at this stage. He did however outline areas of industrial heritage and historical value along the Greenway route.  

 Helen Nutt from the Northern Ireland Environment Agency gave a presentation on the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The WFD promotes a new approach to water management through river basin planning. It aims to improve and protect inland and coastal waters; drive wiser, sustainable use of water as a natural resource; create better habitats for wildlife that lives in and around water and help reduce the effects of floods and droughts. 

The attendees where then invited to ask any questions they had on the progress of the project.  

Elma Newberry (Chief Executive, East Belfast Partnership) thanked everyone for their contribution to the Stakeholder Forum and for their continued support for the CCG project.

Anyone wishing to receive an invitation to the next meeting of the CCG Stakeholder Forum should contact Sean on tel: 9046 7930 or email

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