CCG Staff Visit the Medlock Valley

CCG Staff visit the Medlock Valley

The CCG staff team visited the Medlock Valley Project in Manchester. This project was the winner of the ‘Area Based Partnership’ award at the BURA Waterways Renaissance Awards. 

On arrival at the Clayton Vale Centre the staff team were introduced to various representatives from the partners involved in the project including New East Manchester, Manchester City Council, Northwest Regional Development Agency, Groundwork and the Friends of Clayton Vale. 

Over lunch the staff were given information on the east Manchester area and the need for the green space linkages which have now been developed. Discussions also took place on the development of the project and the partnership working involved in this. 

East Manchester is similar to East Belfast in that it was also a heavily populated industrial area which has seen a dramatic decline in the population from 90,000 in 1900s to 35,000 in the 1990s. Recent improvements in the area have included the development of Sports City which was used for the Commonwealth Games. 

The project has improved 50 hectares of open space by connecting existing green space including Phillips Park and creating an identity for the Medlock Valley through railings, maps, logos and entrance signs. The hard surfaces have replaced some inaccessible muddy areas and the Medlock Valley has been adopted by Sustrans as one of their cycle paths.