Stakeholder Forum February 2010

Stakeholder Forum

The latest CCG Stakeholder Forum was held at Connswater Community Centre on Friday 5th February with approximately 53 people in attendance. 

An update on the project was given by Sean Brannigan, Community Engagement Officer, in which issues such as land assembly, design and ongoing community engagement activities were discussed.

Continuing on with the tradition of holding each Stakeholder Forum on a particular theme, this forum focused on Shared Space and guest speakers included Duncan Morrow (Community Relations Council) and Hazel Francey (Good Relations, Belfast City Council). 

Duncan Morrow, spoke about the need to deliver real shared space which in turn would bring immense benefits to east Belfast both economically and socially. He spoke about how shared space could be created by making safer, cleaner and greener space all of which are integral to the CCG project. He also extolled the need to ensure there was community buy in to the project, which the CCG’s community engagement strategy is addressing. Duncan also said that the CCG was being discussed across NI with other communities actively looking at how they could deliver a project on this scale, stating that the CCG represented a huge opportunity not just for east Belfast but for the whole of Belfast and NI. 

Hazel Francey, BCC’s Good Relations Manager spoke about BCC commitment to creating shared space across the city. She talked about how Belfast City Council are applying what they call the WAGs principle to developing green space across the city with WAGS defined as Welcome, Accessible, Good quality and Safe public space. She also stated BCC’s commitment to creating shared community space and allotments.  

Mark Tully, from Queen’s University Belfast provided an outline on the Physical Activity on the Rejuvenated Connswater (PARC) Study. The study will involve researchers from the Centre of Excellence, based at QUB, charting the health effects the construction of the Connswater Community Greenway has on the local community in East Belfast. The main focus of the research will be face- to- face surveys conducted with nearly 2000 people living in the CCG area. One will take place in early 2010 (before construction of the Greenway) and another will be conducted in 2013/14, coinciding with the end of the Greenway construction.

Sammy Douglas (Project Champion) thanked all the speakers for their input to the forum and invited those in attendance to ask any questions they had. 

Sammy thanked everyone for their contribution to the Stakeholder Forum and for their continued support for the CCG project. 

If you would like to be invited to attend the next forum please contact Sean Brannigan on 028 9046 7930 or email