Organic Gardening for Beginners

Organic GardeningIn the finest tradition of previous CCG events we had clear blue skies and sunshine for the event which attracted 14 local residents to Conservation Volunteers (CVNI) Organic Community Allotment in Carrickfergus. CVNI have been running this allotment for approximately one year in partnership with two Carrickfergus based community groups. The allotment is very popular with the community group members and provides a quiet, peaceful and relaxing environment whilst also benefiting from a range of organic fruit and veg throughout the year.

The day started with a tour of the Eden allotment site which is run by Carrickfergus council and is Irelands largest allotment site, split into 4 quarters – one of which is designated solely for organic growing. This was a very useful opportunity to see how individuals develop their allotments for their own use with some obviously developed for maximum output whilst others have been developed not only to produce fruit and veg  but also as a social and recreational area for the owners. Indeed, one of the enduring memories of the day, was the social and community element of the whole allotment experience. 

Following the tour of the site we returned to the Conservation Volunteers Organic Community Allotment where the Introduction to Organic Gardening commenced. At the event we were shown how to test soil quality and PH levels, how to layout an allotment to ensure maximum sun light and efficiency, how to develop a raised bed and the importance of rotating planting, seasonal planting etc… 

The day finished with everyone being issued with mixed herb seeds, compost and planting trays to develop window trays for our kitchens.

This was another very enjoyable, fun and informative day. Our thanks to all those who attended and, in particular, to Helen Tomb and her colleagues in Conservation Volunteers NI for delivering an event that all who attended thoroughly enjoyed.