The Hollow Cleanup April 2012

Volunteers took to the Hollow to help paint the walls and backyard doors along Abetta Parade and to pick up rubbish from in and around the rivers.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Hollow clean-up including John and his staff from McDonalds, all at The Bloomfield Community Association, Linda, Davey, Michael from Abetta Parade and Tidy NI! We were also delighted to be joined by Barry and Allen, from our Neighbourhood Policing Team, who put in a full day of hard labour.

If you haven’t visited the Hollow recently, call around, it looks fantastic!!

Since our first clean-up the local community has removed 7 large skips of material as well as around 180 bags of rubbish, transforming what was labelled one of NI’s worst ‘grot spots’ by the Belfast Telegraph just three years ago.

Just shows what we can achieve by working together!