Rivers Agency commence interim flood alleviation works at Orangefield Park

Further interim flood alleviation works at Orangefield Park have commenced.

Rivers Agency has started work to lower the level of disused land beside the park to create a ponding area for flood storage during periods of heavy rain. This will help reduce the risk of flooding to houses in the area in advance of the flood alleviation works to be carried out as part of the CCG project.

'Sea of Yardmen' displayed as part of the East Belfast Arts Festival 2012

As you know earlier this year the CCG team organised The Titanic Yardmen Cycle and Walk. As part of this event all participants were asked to recreate the sea of yardmen on the slipways of Titanic.

This image created by Bradley Quinn Photography can now be seen in Central Station, Belfast as part of this years East Belfast Arts Festival 2012. 

(Wendy, Sean and Stephanie from CCG visit 'Sea of Yardmen' at central station, Belfast)

Works to Reduce Flood Risk Commence at Orangefield Park

Works to reduce the risk of flooding today commence at Orangefield Park. These advance works are good news for residents of the area who have been badly affected by flooding in recent months and years.

Orangefield Park becomes a dedicated Queen Elizabeth II Field

Members of the Connswater Community Greenway team visited the family fun day  which took place in Orangefield Park on Saturday 25th August. The family fun day was held to celebrate Orangefield Park’s dedication as a Queen Elizabeth II Field.

Lord Mayor Alderman Gavin Robinson hosted the event and was delighted to announce that the park had been accepted as a Queen Elizabeth II Park, protecting the park for future generations.

Flooding in Belfast

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