Challenge Week 1


Our very own Greenway Leader Davy has been busy out running, walking and cycling the Greenway over the last few weeks.  As a member of parkrun Davy took on a challenge to create a running route based on spelling out a specific word or phrase using the first letter of the street names he passed through.  We are excited to say he has created a special route for us. Can you guess what his route spells out?


Davy's challenge is this:

1. Can you figure out what his route spells out?

2. Can you guess to the closest mile how long Davy's route is?

Once you have figured it out why not try to run, walk or cycle the route or a section of it, you could even create your own route, just pick a word and research the streets near where you live.

You can take a picture of the street signs on your route and send them to us!