Veda's Blog

So what’s changed for us dogs ? Nothing much really. I’m still getting walked, I’m still getting fed and I still get fussed over as my hoomans seem to be spending an extraordinary amount of time indoors nowadays. And yet for some reason I’m kept on a shorter lead when someone approaches on our danders and I get diverted into the side of a wall or hedge until they pass. 

Today whilst out on my daily Greenway ramble I became more aware of my surroundings for a change. It’s been said I have the attention span of a goldfish, but anyone who knows me or has met me outside will know you only have to say the word biscuit and I’m literally all ears. I’ll hop, jump, run full circle, and wag my tail just to get a tasty treat from anyone. You don’t even need to have met me before. I’ll show you all the love and affection you need for that split second as you get your hand deep into your pocket.

Today I also noticed my biscuits were being thrown at me by my doggie friends hoomans instead of the usual “here you go” outta the hand approach, followed by a scratch behind the ear or, “Veda, you’re very excitable for such a small dog”. Apparently there is a lot of sickness in the world, and to be fair I hadn’t noticed.  I tend to be sleeping when the TV's on or jumping from room to room to find the sunniest spot but I’m assuming this is why there is such a shortage of toilet rolls and pasta right now. Two things I can happily live without.

Walkers, joggers and cyclists have all been acting suspicious like. Pulling these white muzzles over their bakes, sneezing into their elbows, what’s that all about? Pulling scarves up over their mouths and generally scurrying past each other, sometimes even crossing the road without the wee bleeping green man.  I however, during my regular walk along the Greenway, stop to smell the grass, the posts that other dogs have left calling cards at, bark excitedly at any squirrel that dares to cross my path and occasionally another dog that doesn’t understand the context of social distancing.

Have you noticed the noise, or lack of it? I’m hearing birds instead of traffic, I’m hearing wind rustling through the trees and bushes rather than the roar of a motorbike. The playground is still and quiet because it’s locked and small children are sending their parents up the walls because they want to watch cartoons all day and not learn fractions and because they use the 5 litre tub of emulsion paint in the garage for painting pictures on the dining room table with their dad's toothbrush.

The Greenway is out there to be enjoyed by everyone that lives locally. My da says as long as you’re using it for brief exercise once a day then you won’t get nicked by the police.

From C.S. Lewis Square, through the Hollow and up to Marshwiggle Way, or even down to the beautiful Victoria Park, it’s there on your doorstep in this time of uncertainty. How lucky are we to have such green open spaces so close to home?

Get out there. Enjoy the sun ☀️ the fresh air, the scenery, the chance to be distant <- 2 -> (only in a social way) of course. 

Above all, stay safe, check on a neighbour, don’t be afraid to smile or say hello to a stranger, even a cheery wave from afar works too.